Happy Independence Day! 

The 4th of July is a wonderful day to celebrate our freedom and spend time with family. We hope you enjoy celebrating, but as with any holiday, we must remember to be safe. Here are a few tips:

Practice Fireworks Safety

The last place you want to be on the 4th of July is in the hospital! Be sure to use fireworks safely

  • Make sure the area where you are setting of fireworks or using sparklers is safe
  • Don’t let kids use fireworks on their own

Stay Safe in the Hot July Sun

You may be spending more time outside at your 4th of July celebration – if so, remember your sunscreen and make sure to apply it correctly!  Also, heat exhaustion is a possibility in the humid July heat so make sure to watch for signs of heat exhaustion.

Remember Food Safety

Be cautious of eating or allowing your kids to eat food that has been left out all day at your outdoor picnics. Be sure to refrigerate food promptly and dispose of any food that has been left out too long. 

Drink Responsibly

You may be planning to enjoy some adult beverages at your celebration – and that’s great but be sure you don’t get behind the wheel after you’ve had too much! Monitor guests to make sure they don’t drink and drive, as well.

Drive Safely

4th of July is one of the biggest travel days in the US.  The roads are crowded – please use caution, and have your vehicle checked before you hit the road.

BW Helvenstons wishes you all a safe and wonderful Independence!





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